Moses’ Women

Moses’ Women

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The Rabbis’ analysis of every word in the Torah glean surprising details of events and personalities mentioned in the Torah.

What really happened at the well in Midian when Moses met his wife to be?

What was Miriam thinking as she watched her baby brother Moses floating away in his basket on the Nile?

The Torah hints at everything, traditional Rabbinic commentary called Midrash deciphers it.

As the title says, Moses’s Women zooms into the roles Moses’ wife, mother and sister played in his life as leader of the Jewish People.

Hardcover 350 pages

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Shera Aranoff Tuchman and Sandra E. Rapoport have written a delightful and readable book giving us a peek under the hood of the Bible.

Make no mistake, this is authentic Rabbinic commentary brought to life in modern English.

The Rabbis have been combing through the Bible for centuries looking for subtle hints in the biblical text.

This analytic sleuthing began in Israel before the Second Temple era, 2,000 years ago.

Work on the Talmud (learning), begun at the same time, focus on legal, ceremonial and other everyday concerns of the Jews.

The Midrashic  works were written by some of the earliest authors of the Talmud specifically to extract nuance from the text of the Torah.

Many commonly known details of Biblical life are not stated openly in the Torah, the Inside Story is only hinted at by subtle turns of phrase, almost as if it was written in code. The Rabbis figured it out and wrote it into the Midrash.

Moses’ Women is a page turner which tells us what the Rabbis discovered in their commentary spanning 2,000 years.


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